BIMCert Handbook 2021

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Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the next big step for everyone involved in the construction process. The BIM method will play a central role in the entire process over the life cycle of a building. Current BIM education still lags a little behind this development. It often focuses mainly on the application of BIM-enabled software. Functional BIM training is usually neglected. Especially in a BIM project, the responsibilities of the individual participants and the correct communication between these participants are extremely important. All participants must know these roles and tasks.

In the course of the BIM-Zert research project, researchers from four different leading universities (FH Salzburg-Kuchl, TU Wien, Graz University of Technology, FH Kärnten Spittal/Drau) developed a standardised qualification and certification model for BIM in Austria together with practitioners experienced in openBIM, the Überbau Akademie and buildingSMART Austria. The recommendations from this research project are now being continued by buildingSMART Austria under the name BIMcert and correspond to the levels of the »Professional Certification« programme of buildingSMART International.

The idea for this book came from the meetings during the project and from the feedback of the participants in the first run. This book is dedicated to the functional openBIM training and describes all topics for the certification levels of the BIMcert training. We would like to thank all the colleagues who worked on the project for their support during the project and the many ideas that also went into this book. Special thanks go to buildingSMART Austria, in particular Alfred Waschl, for their/his support in producing this essential basis for future BIM education.

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